From Modeling to Gaming

So there are tons of ways in which you can increase your elo by far, gaming wise there are nearly infinite ways in which you can start being a far better player in the online video games like world of warcraft or even diablo 3. Not to mention the best game of all times which is league of legends.


Many people think that improving your gameplay and becoming a pro is a simple thing and requires little to no effort and if they fail is because of the people they play with and not their own fault, they don’t realize that if they fail is because they are horribly bad and they should work infinitely into improving their gameplay and skill set before even trying to blame it on someone else.

This is how you learn to play online video games

One way you can actually move upwards into the rating ladders of the elo hell is just getting the well known already League of Legends ELO Boost service or a League of legends duo que carry which is online gaming basically and you will DEFINITELY stop complaining that you are playing with bad players, this is because the match making system for this is a system that will place you against AND WITH players of higher caliber, this is when you will realize that the one that wasn’t cutting the chase from the very beginning was YOU and not the other players, you will realize that your game has to improve infinitely before you can even try to play at the higher level, let alone being in a place where you could even consider yourself to be a pro player or even becoming one. Do you realize that these pro players not only dedicate their entire life to the game but they are also been playing since the very beginning of the game and not only that but they have played video games since they started to talk.

There’s no way in hell that you will even stand a chance against these people.

Let’s take world of warcraft for example, as I know many of you can relate, this game is something that shares things with league of legends elo boost system, which is the rating system for arenas and rated battle-grounds, not to mention the player versus the environment aspect of the game which makes it infinitely more complex, but in this game I used to encounter people that spent their entire life trying to look for better partners since they thought that their partners were holding them down and not allowing them to improve in the game.

By playing World of Warcraft!

And the funny thing is that they didn’t even had the best gear or any of that optimized, in face there are literally guides that explain the entire deal of gearing, professions, talents and EVERYTHING which are known as the best wow templates for Beginners and yet they DID NOT read them and just spent their entire gaming life “sucking” at the game as the gamers like to call it.

elo services like boosting

Another game is Diablo 3 in which is fairly common that people just buy Elitist Gaming league training and they don’t even consider that before you try to be good at the game you have to improve and learn the way the game is designed to be.



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